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 Partnerships & Alliances Management Advance Workshop.

Managing Partnerships & Alliances is one of the hardest and most complex role in the tech industry. As a Partnerships Manager, your goal is to effectively build and manage productive partners, create a strong fly-wheel and a revenue engine for your company.
The Advance Workshop is designed for experienced partner & business development managers that are seeking to expand their knowledge and skills with proven practical tools, processes, templates and playbooks. 
The Advance Workshop is a highly interactive, dynamic program, 
aiming at elevating Partnership Managers performance by sharing and resolving real-life challenges and goals.


Here is what you’ll get:

  • A safe peer group space for partnership managers with similar profiles & challenge

  • 4 Meetings, 8 workshops, 2 hours each,  learning through discussions, group and individual exercises, and real-life examples. 

  • 1:1 personal mentoring

  • Proven Practical Tools, Processes, Templates, Skills and playbooks.

Week I:

Workshop 1: A must have skills for the Partnerships & Alliances Role

In this workshop we’ll discuss: Challenges, prioritization, alignment and activities both internally and externally.

Date: February 16th

Workshop 2: Advance Partnership Models & Partner Profiling

In this workshop we’ll discuss: Today's trends and different partnership models, types of partners and partnership personas.

Date: February 16th

Week 2:

Workshop 3: Advance Partner Recruitment Techniques & Partner Mapping

In this workshop we’ll discuss: Best practices for partner recruitment and Partner mapping base on your key company's goals and targets.

Date: February 23rd

Workshop 4: Internal Alignment for Success.

In this workshop we’ll discuss: The importance of partnering internally for success and best practices for doing so.

Date: February 23rd

Week 3:

Workshop 5: Building Strong Partner Business Plans

In this workshop we’ll discuss: Joint business planning, Review best practices for driving partner commitment & alignment.

Date: March 2nd

Workshop 6: Driving Partner Success

In this workshop we’ll discuss:  What it takes in today's business environment to manage, motivate and enable partners through the partner process, from onboarding to joint planning and beyond.

Date: March 2nd

Week 4:

Workshop 7: Co-Selling & Co-Marketing

In this workshop we’ll discuss:  Co-selling/marketing via different GTM models, tools & platforms.

Date: March 9th

Workshop 8: KPIs & Partner Data.

In this workshop we’ll discuss about: KPIs in partner data management, impact and driving of business decisions based on data points, data collection and data analysis.

Date: March 9th

Who is it for?

A Partnership & Alliances Proffesionals

Looking to advance your skill sets in Partnership

Seeking best in class playbooks in Partnership

Learn from peers through  real life cases

Logistics and Cost:

  1. Program costs: $750.

  2. Group sessions are 2-hour every week for 4 weeks (2 workshops per session)

  3. Sessions will be hosted on Zoom/Live Meetings


House Keeping:


All participants should commit to attending all 4 sessions throughout the duration of the program & commit to actively participate by sharing their experience, thoughts & challenges.

Need more info before joining the Workshop!

Thanks for your Interest!

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