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Partnership Leaders is the industry association for Partnerships, Channel, Alliances, and Business Development leaders.


Our mission is to elevate the role of partnership leaders at their companies and provide a vibrant online community, virtual events, curated professional networking opportunities, and educational resources to drive success for our members. 


Discover the captivating narratives of early stage entrepreneurs, partnership leaders, founders, and CEOs as they delve into the intricacies of forging successful partnerships. Join us on Partnerships Unfold as we uncover the secrets to building exceptional partnership programs, sharing invaluable lessons learned and indispensable best practices essential for every startup's success. 


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We thought it would be wise to share it with the partnership community.

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Who We Are


Our Story:

We truly believe in the power of the partnerships, we get inspired and empowered by the partnership community, bringing new insights, trends and innovation to every engagement while pushing the community beyond what they believe is possible.

Our Mission:

To assist startups and growth-stage technology companies that are seeking acceleration and expansion via in-direct sales routes.


Helping founders, CEOs, executive, VCs and channel professionals to better understand their partnership go-to market strategy, optimizing their partner programs, enhance their partner experience and ultimately help and build their ecosystem to serve their business goals. 

In other words, we simplify, challenge and explore better ways for you to have an impact.



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